Misk application is available to a number of Western
countries around the world.

Performing Prayer in Mosque

One of the most important pillars of Islam is prayer. Muslims around the globe face Mecca at least five times a day in worship to Allah. Finding spaces to pray in western countries can be difficult.
Misk Application shows you mosques and islamic centers nearby.

How Misk App Works

  1. Download the free Misk app and complete your profile.

  2. Request or Offer a free car share to the mosque.

  3. Get matched with a rider or driver heading to the same location.

  4. Get picked-up by the driver and share a ride to the mosque, in time for the next prayer.

  5. Rate your ride to help Misk improve the experience.

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Misk is a great platform
providing services to connect
with Islamic Communities

A ride for a reward

Misk facilitates ridesharing services as an easy and cost-effective way for Muslims to travel together to a mosque or Islamic centre. Share the reward by helping a fellow Muslim pray in the mosque.

Misk Values


    We work closely with our trusted partners towards our common goal.


    We use our expertise to provide the best user experience.


    We are committed to doing everything we can to deliver on our promises and commitments.

More About Us

What Misk application really does?

Misk is a free community-based service application designed to help Muslims easily fulfil their religious and social obligations. Using the latest in transportation technology, Misk provides centralised ride sharing, search and navigation services for Muslims living and travelling in Western Countries. Misk is on hand to guide you towards achieving good deeds.

  • Our Philosophy

    Based on the principles of Cooperation, Quality, and Focus, our philosophy aims to present a solution to many of the Muslims’ problems in the West.

  • Our Aspiration

    Islam is not just made up of rituals we do with our bodies, but it also consists of a set of beliefs and attitudes which manifest in our behaviour towards each other. All Muslims should be cooperative, positive and effective in addressing Islamic issues and their brothers and sisters in Islam.

  • Vision

    Be the central hub for technological solutions that benefit the Muslims in the west.

  • Mission

    Produce innovative technological solutions to the problems faced by Muslims in the west.

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"Misk Application" is available to a number of Western
countries around the world.